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Great Quality

DJDCustomBibles is dedicated to bringing you top quality rebindings and re-covers of worn bibles, and offers an attractive selection of new items.

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Who Owns DJDCustomBibles?

Founder and President of DJDCustomBibles, Brother Dallas Demoss, started his adventure in book-binding in November 2016 when wanting to get his Thompson Bible rebound because of mis-stamping.

Realizing available options for reparation were slim, he embarked on his journey to learn replacement of ribbons and restoration of old bibles by deep-leather cleaning.


Custom Only

Need a custom suit/tuxedo, or even a custom shirt?

Paradigm is the way to go! 

Only The Best Fabrics


Dugdale Bros represents the finest British cloths. Milled in Huddersfield, they offer the finest worsted wools. Huddersfield cloth is truly luxury.


Founded in 1881, Cerruti is an example of Italian craftsmanship. Combining craft, tradition, and technological innovation to achieve the finest fabrics.


Some of the finest shirts in the world come from Italy. One such fabrics mill is Canclini. Since 1925 Canclini has been perfecting the process of shirts.

Paradigm Owner

Paradigm Custom Clothier is owned by Joey Doherty.

Based out of Central Florida, serving customers everywhere!