Drive Thru Prayer + Breakfast & Coffee

Where It All Began

When I heard about Drive-Thru Prayer, I had to find out what this was all about. So I contacted Pastor Gene Holley Jr for more Details. When he told me how it began and what they were doing, it was mind blowing! Here is what Pastor Holley had to say about how it began... 

”It came from a dream I had on a night during Hurricane Harvey. I awoke from the dream while visiting California. The dream was of a tornado hitting our city and all building walls were down. I thought the dream was real and began checking online to see if It was or not. I began to ask God what this was supposed to mean. After a day or so, I felt God say that this picture was not of our physical city, but of the spiritual state of the homes in our community. 

I began  to seek what I was supposed to do about it, beyond what  we were already doing. I began to see our South Texas friends outside of their buildings serving their communities with relief items with lines of cars coming through, and not asking for anything in return.

Our situation had no physical items to hand out, and prayer is the only true answer for torn-apart lives.”

So from that moment, Drive Thru Prayer was born!

How Does It Work?

I have to be honest. When I first heard about Drive Thru Prayer, I laughed. I was thinking how silly it sounded, until I heard the impact it was making. If you laughed like I did, keep reading! You won’t be laughing at the end.

Pastor Holley said ”To add an incentive to have people stop by, we felt to offer a breakfast item also. We chose to do it for a week during our annual 40 Days of Fire (prayer and fasting). It was so well received that the church volunteers wanted to continue, but rather than daily, we chose weekly. We used an electronic billboard ad and social media promotion (with sponsored posts)”

   They serve from 6:30-8:30A.M. on Monday. 

The cooking/assembling team meets at 5am to make the burritos and coffee.  

The serving/prayer team comes a few minutes before 6:30am to carry out the food items and get in place to serve.

There are 3 stops at the drive thru, each one welcoming the guest with a smile and giving direction to move to the next stop.

First Stop: Coffee (filled as someone drives up)

Second Stop: Homemade Burritos wrapped in aluminum foil, inserted in small bags

Third and Final Stop: Prayer. The Team Membe steps to the person’s window and ask if there is something specific they want to pray with them about. Each Team Member that prays, Listens intently and pray specifically.

Pastor Holley said “ They are really listening to you pray and many times tears are flowing. We felt that it could feel invasive to reach into the car, so most times hands are laid upon the window sill of the car. There are very few times that we have felt to reached into the vehicle to touch the person. They has been a few times when the person has stepped out of their car to give a hug to our prayer team.”

“This was not a marketing idea for us“ Pastor Holley said. “It was intervention... much like the Hurricane Relief lines. With that in mind, we have not put advertising in the packets although I have felt tempted to several times. We have since received comments to members that they are so impressed because we are not trying to get them to our church with advertising. I think this is an important point. Servanthood trumps marketing. Our church logo and advertising are enough to remind guests where they were prayed for.”

They now have a banner across the canopies to be seen from the road and are adding portable coroplast signs to be placed along the road. They plan on continuing this incredible ministry until...


Maybe you’re like me, and like to see results when a new ministry emerges. Sometimes you get results, and sometimes you’re just planting seeds. It can be frustrating planting at times, because you don’t always see results right away.

In the case of Life Church in Wichita Falls, between several other ministry efforts, lots of Prayer and Fasting, as well as Drive Thru Prayer. In only Three weeks 26 were Baptized in Jesus Name, and 30 filled with the HolyGhost, with evidence of speaking in other tongues.

This story is exciting, inspiring, convicting, and if we let it be, it can be life changing! Let’s all be challenged to think outside of the box, and go beyond what the “norm” is. 

Written by: Billy Armstrong

His love of writing lead him to start Revealing Truth Magazine. He is currently working on writing, and publishing his first book. He is also an Apostolic Minister and has a strong background and long lineage in music and ministry.