The Waddle

There is an old story about a group of ducks. Every week they would waddle to Sunday services. They would open the duck book, sing duck songs, and listen to the duck preacher expound on the meaning of being a duck. One particular Sunday all of the ducks waddled in the service. Shortly after, the duck preacher opened the duck book and began to preach. This Sunday, however, the message was different. With a new determination and fire in his eyes, the duck preacher began to convey a new message.

"We are ducks!" he said with confidence.

"Amen!" said all of the ducks.

We have waddled too long!", he continued. "We have wings! We can fly!" he shouted as all of the ducks joined together in a resounding "amen!" The service came alive as all of the ducks began to see their potential. "We have been confined to this mundane existence of waddling for far too long!" exclaimed the duck preacher. "We can spread our wings and fly!" The service continued with enthusiasm for over an hour as shouts of "amen" filled the duck church.

When the duck preacher concluded the service, the congregation of ducks applauded and closed their duck books. Then they all waddled home.

…We have been given wings to fly…All the "Amens" in the world don't mean a thing if "you waddle home".

What would happen if we would do more than just get excited about our potential. I believe we haven’t even tapped into the realm God wants us to be. While talking about talking about the “good ole days” is good and well, I believe some, if not most, are stuck on what used to happen instead of what can happen. I pray our “waddle” isn’t limited to mere words. 

May we we all begin to fly and not be limited to a waddle!