A Women’s Voice

A Woman’s Voice

Written By Erin Holmes

Esther’s voice broke through the air with “King, let my people live!”, and an entire race was saved. Mary lifted her voice and said “Whatever He tells you to do, do it.”, and Jesus was provoked into performing His first miracle. An outcast of a mother, nameless through the ages, speaks up with boldness in the face of rejection and says “Truth Lord, but even the dogs get the scraps from the master’s table.”, and Jesus reaches across dispensations to perform a miracle because she had faith enough to continue lifting up her voice.  

There is power in a woman’s voice. As Christian women, it can sometimes be difficult to ignore the cries from the world around us for our voice to be loud, angry, indignant, or overbearing. There are those who would tell us this is the only way to have power. But the truth is, amped up volume is not to be equated with power. When we look at some of the most powerful voices in all of history, we do not find them shouting through bullhorns. Instead, some of the most influential voices we’ve ever heard merely understood the power that one exudes from being both comfortable with who they were, and resting in the knowledge of a perfect truth. 

Think of Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, or Rosa Parks. All of these memorable voices were comfortable with who they were, and they were unwavering in their convictions, regardless of the opinions of others. They also understood perfect truths about love, equality, justice and selflessness. Just as Esther, Mary, and the nameless mother of Scripture owned their roles, their circumstances, and the truths that they possessed - who God was, that He was on their side, and what He was capable of doing. 

Whether your everyday role is that of a student, employee, employer, mother, wife, ministry leader or saint, there is power in your voice.  When we look to the scriptures to find guidance for what that voice should look like, we realize that we don’t have to bend to the world’s expectations.  

Look again to Esther chapter 7, John chapter 2, and Mark chapter 7, and we see strength coupled with humility. We see power linked with a gentle spirit. We see that submission doesn’t have to mean silence. We see boldness birthed from love. We see a woman’s voice changing the course of history without rioting, a raised voice, or spewing hateful speech. We see a woman’s voice grasp power, without taking it from someone else, or usurping the authority that God has placed over her. We see a woman’s voice makes a difference. 

What are you using your voice for? Or, are you using it at all? Are you looking to the right places for guidance in finding your voice? Have you been convinced that your voice counts for nothing? Or have you been sold a bill of goods, that your voice must border on being obnoxious in order for it to be heard?

As women we can speak with wisdom and we can get the attention of kings, rulers, and better yet the Creator of the universe. We can strengthen the women of the future. We can shape families for the better. We can minister to the broken. We can offer hope to the lost. We can provoke miracles to happen. We can speak healing into lives. We can show love to the unlovable. We can refuse to be silent. We can honor the women of scripture and the example they left us, of courage and meekness by finding our God given voice and being unafraid to use it.

 We can affect the unimaginable, if we glean from the Scriptural example of the power that exists in a woman’s voice. 

About Erin Holmes

Erin Holmes and her husband Jeremy Holmes pastor in the metro area of Las Vegas. She is also the creator of “Far Above Rubies”, a ladies devotional Facebook group.